Daily Photo – Teakettle Junction

How Teakettle Junction got it’s name has been lost to history but, by virtue of the name, it’s almost obligatory to bring your own kettle, write your name on it and hang it on the sign. Sooner or later the ‘locals’ will come by and remove them and the cycle starts over again. Teakettle Junction itself is about 21 miles south of Ubehebe Crater on the way to the in . When I was there we suffered a flat tyre in our GMC Yukon XL (a Chevvy Suburban for people that don’t like Chevvy’s). While others set about replacing it with a spare, two cross country motorcyclists came by along with a companion in a pickup. They stopped briefly to check we were OK and another group in an old short wheelbase Toyota Land Cruiser stopped by as well. I was struck by the mirrored visor of the motorcyclist and took and image of the scene reflected in his visor.

Teakettle Junction, Death Valley, CA, reflected in the visor of a motorcyclist.

Teakettle Junction, , CA, reflected in the visor of a motorcyclist.

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