14 minutes with Scott Kelby and Joe McNally

Over on Scott Kelby’s blog today is a link to a really interesting conversation between Scott Kelby and Joe McNally. Sans interviewer, the pair have a conversation about where there photography has come from and where it is going. Among the takeaways are:

  • Get it right in the camera (to spend less time at the computer)
  • Experiment
  • Be tough on yourself when you edit the photos you’ve taken
  • Learn to shoot video
  • Have fun!

While the camera can handle the technical aspects of recording the scene, it’s the heart and mind of the photographer that makes the photograph.

The image below is an example of my experimenting and having fun with my iPhone camera on a recent flight from Houston to Denver, taken somewhere over West Texas or Oklahoma as the sun set. In Lightroom I’ve tweaked the white balance and shadows and applied some noise correction – all of about a minute’s effort – but like Scott and Joe I prefer to spend my time playing with my cameras than retouching photos on the computer.

Sunset above West Texas / Oklahoma

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