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Using Lightroom Smart Collections

Last week I needed to figure out which of my photos I had published and which I had still waiting to go. I didView full post »

Daily Photo – Arch Rock

Photo of Arch Rock, a natural formation in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.View full post »

Daily Photo – Nopah Range

The traditional definition of a desert is based on a (lack of) rainfall figure – less than 250 mm (10 in.)View full post »

Daily Photo – Slide

Instead, slides now are plastic tubes. This has the advantage of preventing your precious little one from falling overView full post »

Daily Photo – Ten Minutes to New Orleans

With the sun setting on the horizon and thunder clouds rising into the distant evening sky, Lake Verret is about toView full post »

Daily Photo – Sunrise Cyclist

I arrived before sun up and for quite a while I was alone, the only sound the chirping of birds and the occasionalView full post »

Daily Photo – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum was located in Cleveland ostensibly because DJ Alan Freed coined the termView full post »

Daily Photo – The Painters

I was drawn to this image by the strong colors – the red of the brick, the green of the siding on the buildingView full post »

Daily Photo – Free Stamp

Walking around to the other side, the stamp reads, ‘FREE’, which is intriguing, because it couldn’tView full post »

Daily Photo – Stamp in a Park

I always find public art fascinating. While walking from the Ritz-Carlton in Cleveland to the Rock and Roll Hall ofView full post »

Daily Photo – Carter Road Lift Bridge

The two bridges in this view span the river at Carter Road. The blue bridge is active and carries the road traffic. TheView full post »

Daily Photo – Windsor Castle

Coming back later in the afternoon we were presented with this view of Windsor Castle from the river.View full post »

Daily Photo – Grand Rapids Reflections

I’ve long been fascinated by reflections. I’m like a child seeing itself in a mirror for the first time andView full post »

Daily Photo – Grand Rapids Sunset

What I liked particularly about this scene was the strip of cloud obscuring the sun. Below the cloud, the sun isView full post »

Daily Photo – Pearl Street Rapid

I took this image from the eastern side of the Grand River, just north of the Pearl Street Bridge. I didn’t haveView full post »

Daily Photo – South from the Top of the Rock

I took this photo South from 30 Rock when I was in New York with my family last summer.View full post »

Daily Photo – Liddington from Upham

This view is from near the top of Upham hill looking north over Aldbourne Warren in the foreground, and LiddingtonView full post »

Daily Photo – Tracks in Barley Field

I took this shot of tractor tracks in a field of barley looking across a valley in the Marlborough Downs of Wiltshire,View full post »

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