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Portal in the Parc André Citroën

What does a city do when a major manufacturer moves to a new location and their old factories become derelict? IfView full post »

Wind Farms off US-84

I’ve often flown over the wind farms of the Texas panhandle. The other weekend I had an opportunity toView full post »

Welcome to Katy

“Welcome to Katy” says the sign on the water tower in the background at right in this image of the UPView full post »

St. Peter Street Balcony – Photo

I was playing around with an image I captured of a St. Peter Street balcony in Photoshop (CC 2015.5) today,View full post »

Early Morning, Cayucos Pier – Daily Photo

Early morning, Cayucos Pier, California. I guess 8:53 am counts as early for a November Saturday morning in thisView full post »

Deux Chevaux á Paris – Daily Photo

In my youth, Citroën made such unique cars. Quintessentially French in design, nothing else on the road lookedView full post »

The Coliseum at Night – Daily Photo

The Coliseum at Night, or should that be the Colosseum at Night? As a Brit in America I’m used to theView full post »

Contrail – Daily Photo

I took today’s photo, Contrail, through the window of a Qatar Airways jet on a flight from Doha to JFK, NewView full post »

Dhow Bow – Daily Photo

Today’s photo is the bow of a dhow moored in a marina in Doha, Qatar. Although built in a traditionalView full post »

Bailing out – Daily Photo

Does one ‘bale out’ or ‘bail out’? In this case, the man in the photo is bailing out asView full post »

Death Valley Health Center – Daily Photo

Sometimes a sign is too good to pass up. When I passed the ‘Death Valley Health Center’ sign inView full post »

The Only Way Is Up – Daily Photo

‘The only way is up’ wrote Johnny Henderson and George Jackson. I wondered if they’d stood atView full post »

Post Oak Reflection – Daily Photo

Post Oak Reflection is an image of the facades of townhouses at 3050 Post Oak in Houston, reflected in the pondView full post »

History is Myth – Daily Photo

‘History is Myth’, proclaims this mural from the mid-1990s. Officially the mural was called,View full post »

The Magnificent Eight – Daily Photo

The Magnificent Eight is what I’m calling this San Diego mural. I’ve no idea what it was reallyView full post »

The Silver Lining – Daily Photo

The Silver Lining was a jewelry cart in the Westfield Horton Plaza in San Diego. In this photo, three sailorsView full post »

Black Door Lemon Wall – Daily Photo

‘Black Door Lemon Wall’ is a photo I took while wandering around the French Quarter in New Orleans.View full post »

Pismo Surfer 2 – Daily Photo

Pismo Surfer 2 was surfing on the other side of the pier. Whereas yesterday’s Pismo Surfer was surfing awayView full post »

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