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Speedliter’s Intensive – Review of Syl Arena’s Workshop

Speedliter’s Intensive! If you’re going to be near those cities on those dates, I heartily recommend youView full post »

onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 on SALE!

onOne Software currently has a sale available on Perfect Photo Suite 6.1. You will be able to purchase the softwareView full post »

On 3rd Generation Digital Cameras

Travel Photographer Richard Davis takes up the recent discussions on the imminent demise of the DLSR and wonders aboutView full post »

The Dawn of a New Era in Photography On October 19, 2011, Ren Ng and his team at Lytro ushered in a new era in photography with theView full post »

Mother’s Day

After some false starts I’ve re-commenced scanning my Mother’s old Kodachrome slides – images taken in the 60’sView full post »

iPad Camera Connection Kit and CF cards

Back on December 19 of last year I was lamenting the changes in iPad iOS 4.2 that lowered the power to the powerView full post »

More iPad woes – ‘Cannot Use Device’

Hey iPad Camera Connection Kit Users – been seeing this screen lately? I wrote in an earlier post back in May ofView full post »

Yet more iPad woes – the WordPress app for iPad

So following on from my travel woes I decided to download the WordPress app for iPad yesterday but that just ledView full post »

Traveling with the iPad

I recently took my family back to England to visit family and decided to travel iPad only. I left my Epson PS5000View full post »


So this is the only Mig I could find in my archives – a Mig 17A on display at the The Mighty Eighth Air ForceView full post »

iPad Camera Connection Kit

My iPad Camera Connection Kit, like the other peripherals I ordered, arrived before my iPad. Having received myView full post »

Blogging by iPad

The iPad I had ordered finally arrived today. I guess for Apple, late April means the last day. My wife, Karen,View full post »

The nightmare continues…

I have to say that everyone I have dealt with at Dell has been courteous and professional, they just haven’tView full post »

Stop: 0x00000124, A nightmare on Windows 7

So Photoshop CS5 is just around the corner – mid-May (like the nebulous late-April shipping date for the iPad IView full post »

To Flash or not to Flash?

So I’m not going to write here about strobes or speedlites à la Strobist or Joe McNally, I’m going to write aboutView full post »

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