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Sunset at the Artists Palette – Daily Photo

Sunset at the Artists Palette was taken in Death Valley National Park. The aim was to capture the ‘starburst’ asView full post »

Daily Photo – Pont Alexander III

So this is a bit of a cheat but a useful photo tip. Below is another photo of the Pont Alexander III at dusk –View full post »

Daily Photo – A Foggy Night in Hong Kong

I’d arrived in Hong Kong on a foggy day and it was a foggy night in Hong Kong as I got ready to leave.View full post »

Daily Photo – Exchange Square Block 1 and 2

At some point I took a ferry from Kowloon to Hong Kong island to wander among the high-rises near the waterfront andView full post »

Daily Photo – Sunrise on Mount Kinabalu

This is the only photo of the sunrise on Mount Kinabalu that includes the sun in the shot!View full post »

Daily Photo – More Flowstone

If I were shooting this today, I’d try to get a person or something else in the shot to provide some scale.View full post »

Daily Photo – Deer Cave

The shot below is perhaps the classic Deer Cave shot. Mine is actually a seven-shot HDR – seven slides scannedView full post »

Speedliter’s Intensive – Review of Syl Arena’s Workshop

Speedliter’s Intensive! If you’re going to be near those cities on those dates, I heartily recommend youView full post »

Daily Photo – Enthralled

Since i really didn’t understand what was happening on the stage in front of me I started turning my lens on theView full post »

Daily Photo – Loh Dalam Bay 3

If you’re stuck in your office and it’s grey/cold/wet or otherwise unpleasant or dull, then kick back andView full post »

Daily Photo – Temple Shower

So I took the photo below during a shower while wandering around the Wat Phra kaew in Bangkok. Like pretty muchView full post »

Daily Photo – Bangkok Grand Palace

I snapped this image of part of the Grand Palace in Bangkok while racing up the Chao Phraya as a passenger in one ofView full post »

Daily Photo – Jackup at Sunset 3

I usually try to capture at least three views of a scene: the overview, a vignette and a detail view. Yesterday’sView full post »

Daily Photo – Jackup at Sunset

Of course, I was in Brunei to look for (more) oil. This is a shot I took of a jackup drilling rig and supply boat atView full post »

Daily Photo – Stockclose Farm

When I was younger I would fling my BMW 5-series (and younger still my Honda motorbike) down this hill and around theView full post »

Daily Photo – Graskop Waterfall

This photo is also an HDR from three slide scans. Again, I’d retained in my slide collection three versions ofView full post »

onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 on SALE!

onOne Software currently has a sale available on Perfect Photo Suite 6.1. You will be able to purchase the softwareView full post »

How to Photograph Everyone!

What’s neat about this tour is that Clay has a live video feed from his camera so you get to see what he’s looking atView full post »

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