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Dawn at Morro Bay

In Dawn at Morro Bay, I captured a fleeting moment in time of surreal light. The effect lasted five minutes orView full post »

Wind Farms off US-84

I’ve often flown over the wind farms of the Texas panhandle. The other weekend I had an opportunity to driveView full post »

The Open Road

Growing up in rural, southern England, I got used to narrow, winding roads. My first exposure to long, deadView full post »

Happy New Year!

Well, 2016 is behind us at last, now on to 2017! 2016 was not my personal favorite year, with my mother passingView full post »

Bass Harbor Head Light

The Bass Harbor Head Light was build in 1858 to warn mariners of the Bass Harbor Bar at the eastern entrance toView full post »

Curtis Island Light, Maine

The Curtis Island Light was built in 1896 replacing the original 1835 light placed at the entrance to CamdenView full post »

Orland Fall Foliage

Fall Foliage colors on an overcast October day. Orland Maine. I woke this morning to a sombre grey day. It’s fallView full post »

Where can I find photos for my blog?

Where can I find photos for my blog or website? You’ve crafted your blog post and now your need to illustrate it.View full post »

Early Morning, Cayucos Pier – Daily Photo

Early morning, Cayucos Pier, California. I guess 8:53 am counts as early for a November Saturday morning in thisView full post »

Cars on Bixby Bridge at Sunset – Daily Photo

At the time of writing, fire crews are working around the clock battling the Soberanes wildfire to the south-eastView full post »

Under Cayucos Pier – Daily Photo

It’s been a while since I last posted to my blog – busy days and nights. Earlier today I was scrolling through aView full post »

Bailing out – Daily Photo

Does one ‘bale out’ or ‘bail out’? In this case, the man in the photo is bailing out as in he is using a pan toView full post »

Sunset at the Artists Palette – Daily Photo

Sunset at the Artists Palette was taken in Death Valley National Park. The aim was to capture the ‘starburst’ asView full post »

Waiting for a Zabriskie Sunrise – Daily Photo

The Zabriskie Sunrise, that time of day when the sun directly illuminates Manly Beacon and the badlands thatView full post »

Sunset at Morro Rock – Daily Photo

Sunset at Morro Rock, the Pacific Ocean gently stroking the shore, the slenderest crescent of moon hangingView full post »

Morro Rock – Daily Photo

There comes a time driving either north or south on California Route 1 where you round a bend and Morro Rock justView full post »

Corallina Cove Sunset – Daily Photo

Actually a tad north of Corallina Cove, sunset on the California coast. Corallina Bay is actually behind theView full post »

Tagrifet Gate – Daily Photo

In today’s photo, a group of work colleagues approach the gate on the western wall of Tagrifet Fort. I previouslyView full post »

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