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Bumper Cars

When was the first time you tried the bumper cars at the fair or carnival? I must have been around nine or tenView full post »

Daily Photo – Fifteen Minutes to Fort Lauderdale

But looking back I got this fantastic view of the sunlight from the setting sun streaming through the gap in the cloudsView full post »

Daily Photo – Storm over Fort Myers

As we approached the west coast of Florida I saw a wall of cloud to the south-east, pretty much aligned with the coast,View full post »

Daily Photo – Morning in Ton Sai Bay 2

You can typically find several shots from a single location if you take the time to look around. You should also takeView full post »

Daily Photo – Bothaville Sunset 3

As you can see, the ground in the camp was quite waterlogged, though this wasn’t the worst camp site flood byView full post »

Daily Photo – Concession 20

Order a print of this photo The movie cliché holds that a soldier’s rifle is his best friend. For most of 1985,View full post »

The Dawn of a New Era in Photography On October 19, 2011, Ren Ng and his team at Lytro ushered in a new era in photography with theView full post »

Summertime and the neighborhood pools are open!

When my wife Karen and I built our house we decided not to build a pool. It seems not a year passes by in HoustonView full post »

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