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Portal in the Parc André Citroën

What does a city do when a major manufacturer moves to a new location and their old factories become derelict? IfView full post »

Rough Ride

Well, the 2017 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo comes to a close tonight and I’m sure more than a few cowboys andView full post »

The Open Road

Growing up in rural, southern England, I got used to narrow, winding roads. My first exposure to long, deadView full post »

Jamestown Windmill – Daily Photo

The Jamestown Windmill is a 30-foot tall smock mill built in 1787. If you’re passing through Jamestown, RhodeView full post »

Marshall Point Lighthouse – Daily Photo

Lobsters and Lighthouses, two excellent reasons to visit Maine. This is the Marshall Point Lighthouse whichView full post »

Causeway Morning BW – Daily Photo

Causeway Morning BW is an image of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway just after sunrise last Thanksgiving. EvenView full post »

Daily Photo – Boy with Jar and Stool

Thought I’d channel my inner Cartier-Bresson and post a photo I took in Phnom-Penh that I call Boy with Jar andView full post »

Daily Photo – Inside the Louvre Pyramid

You can’t miss I.M. Pei’s pyramid entrance to the Louvre museum. I think it works architecturally simply becauseView full post »

Daily Photo – Reading in the Park

I was recently playing at scanning some of my black and white negatives and came across this charming image IView full post »

Re-Learning the Ropes

I feel like I’m re-learning the ropes of blogging these days, hence the photo below. I took it a while back onView full post »

Better Black and White Photos with Topaz

Yamaha with Vance&Hines Silencer, Topaz Black and White Effects This is a short article on better black and whiteView full post »

Timeless – Li River Settlement

Whenever I look at this photo I think of the (near) timelessness in this view of a Li River Settlement.View full post »

Daily Photo – Li River Scene 5

Today I’ve another view of the Li River – two photos, first in black and white and second in color.View full post »

Daily Photo – Through the Portal

For me, it was like looking through the portal to a hidden world. Much like my photo of the woman washing her hair, IView full post »

Daily Photo – Suzhou River Scene

Although I titled today’s photos ‘Suzhou River Scene’ they should perhaps more accurately be titledView full post »

Daily Photo – Getting Hitched

I saw this wonderful piece of machinery reversing down the track and I thought it was getting hitched to theView full post »

Daily Photo – Say Cheese!

The expression, ‘Say Cheese’ is guaranteed to bring you all sorts of forced expressions but rarely aView full post »

Daily Photo – Waiting in Xi’an

Today’s photo is of a man waiting in Xi’an. I’ve no idea what he was waiting for, most likelyView full post »

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