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This page is dedicated to my art photography. It contains a series of images and associated blog posts where I give the backstory to the photo and the techniques I used to create it. In most cases there will be a link to my gallery where you can purchase a copy. I offer a wide array of sizes and finishes for you to choose from.

Jamestown Windmill – Daily Photo

The Jamestown Windmill is a 30-foot tall smock mill built in 1787. If you’re passing through Jamestown, RhodeView full post »

The Empty Chair – Daily Photo

The Empty Chair is a recurring theme throughout literature. I think I first became aware of it when I studiedView full post »

Post Oak Reflection – Daily Photo

Post Oak Reflection is an image of the facades of townhouses at 3050 Post Oak in Houston, reflected in the pondView full post »

Red and Yellow Crates – Daily Photo

I was drawn to the colors of these red and yellow crates I found lying in an alley behind a restaurant. Red andView full post »

Miller Time – Daily Photo

Miller Time is the result of one of those, “I wonder what would happen in I…..”. In this case, having downed aView full post »

Daily Photo – Exploded Propane Bottle

If you’ve ever wondered what an exploded propane bottle would look like, here’s your answer.View full post »

Daily Photo – Through a Window

I took this shot through a window a couple of years back at Legoland Windsor, in the UK.View full post »

Daily Photo – Bank of China Facade Detail

Today’s photo is a detail of part of the northwest facade of the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong. Best I canView full post »

Daily Photo – More of the Bank of China Tower

I turned my camera horizontal once more and took a wider shot of the east face of the Bank of China Tower. Even back inView full post »

Daily Photo – Loh Dalam Bay Sunset

Having captured yesterday’s shot of the dipping sun illuminating the fishing boat in Loh Dalam Bay I faced myView full post »

Daily Photo – Jackup at Sunset 2

The image below was taken a few minutes after yesterday’s shot with the sun bisected on the horizon. The filmView full post »

Daily Photo – Water Anyone?

Curious title perhaps but the photos below are of the inside of one of our water tanks at our Schoonspruit/SkoonspruitView full post »

Transit of Venus

When I got home tonight I was hoping to see the transit of Venus but the skies to the west were cloudy and the sun wasView full post »

Daily Photo – Oslo Sculpture

I’ve no idea what this piece is called, nor who the artist is, nor anything else about the piece. I’d loveView full post »

Daily Photo – Slide

Instead, slides now are plastic tubes. This has the advantage of preventing your precious little one from falling overView full post »

Daily Photo – Grand Rapids Reflections

I’ve long been fascinated by reflections. I’m like a child seeing itself in a mirror for the first time andView full post »

Daily Photo – Tracks in Barley Field

I took this shot of tractor tracks in a field of barley looking across a valley in the Marlborough Downs of Wiltshire,View full post »

Daily Photo – Ropes

The Elissa is a three-masted, iron-hulled barque built in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1877. She was rescued from destructionView full post »

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